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Broke Up With Being Broke BOOK (1/2 of Bundle)

Broke Up With Being Broke BOOK (1/2 of Bundle)


Are you tired of not having enough money to live comfortably? Do you have a dream that you will one day be financially free?


Nothing is more stressful than not having enough money and contrary to popular belief, "struggle" does not guarantee strength or character. There are lots of idioms many of us have learned about money over the years that are erroneous and designed to keep the masses in a state of lack. Broke Up with Being Broke delves into the relational components of money. Yes! You have a relationship with money that is just as significant as your relationship with family, friends and self. Don't believe the idea that "money doesn't matter." Money matters a lot! So read this book and learn how to separate yourself from poverty and lack by committing yourself to live your life in a wealthy place forever.

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