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Nat C. Jones

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Are you tired of not having enough money to live comfortably?

Do you have a dream that you will one day be financially free?


My Story

There is nothing more frustrating than not having enough money! As frustrating as it is, most people in the world live paycheck to paycheck or even worse continue to spiral down a never-ending pit of debt. My name is Nat C. Jones and I am an author who has written 6 other books, none of them as important as "Broke Up With Being Broke." Why? Because this is a book designed to transform your financial life.

I can remember the day when I sat on the edge of my bed in tears, looking at bills I couldn't pay. I kept thinking, "I'm a good person. I help others. Why is this always happening to me?" Then the truth hit me like a ton of bricks: It keeps happening because you keep allowing it to happen. That thought made me feel ashamed for a moment and then the next moment I realized the power I had over my situation.

Years ago, I learned how to set standards for myself in my relationships with people and because of those boundaries, I have only great relationships filled with respect and love. I instantly saw my broke situation as a dysfunctional relationship and decided to be done with it! That is the day I broke up with being broke. It was literally a decision and the best one I've ever made in my life. This decision revealed the reality of God's abundance and the truth of His desire for me to live in it, if I so choose. It was really up to me, how I wanted to live. The offer was on the table, one way or another. What a freeing realization! I decided to accept His offer and I hope you decide to do the same.

-Nat C. Jones, Author
Broke Up With Being Broke


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Broke Up With Being Broke reveals a long lost secret to people of faith. The secret is that God is not offended by our prosperity and the pursuit of it, with the right heart, actually makes Him smile. I guess this secret has actually been hiding in plain sight all along.


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